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Embellished Timber Decks with Stunning Furniture

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Many people these days choose timber decks over traditional wooden decks and other types of decking. The main reason for this is the look and feel that timber decks provide. There are many people who choose to install timber decks because they are environmentally friendly as well. Timber Decking is made from old-growth trees, unlike wood flooring that is made from new-growth trees. Newer wood flooring is not as sustainable as old-growth timber.

timber decks with furniture

Many of the old growth trees that are used in timber flooring come from Australia, USA, Canada, and Western Europe. This provides an environmental benefit as the lumber from these countries are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and are naturally certified. Old growth timber does not have any pesticides or insecticides applied to it during its life and is not logged or chemically treated at any time. This is great for the environment as these forests are considered to be carbon-positive, meaning they are being preserved. This also means that the timber will not be replaced as fast as other types of wood would be.

Timber decking is not as durable as cork flooring, and is not as beautiful but it does offer some advantages over wooden decks. One of these advantages is that it is more resistant to rotting, cracking, warping, and splintering. It is also easy to maintain timber flooring and can withstand weather conditions.

However, many owners of timber decks do not like the fact that they cannot readily refinish timber. Wood is a natural product and can dull over time when exposed to water, moisture, and chemicals. Another problem with timber flooring is that it can be difficult to refinish it once it has been installed. If a homeowner decides to paint their timber decking they may also run into problems because the primer required to paint with wood can be quite messy. Some people prefer to leave the timber natural and let it weather naturally but this also means that it will probably show up scratches and wear faster than other types of wood.

If you want to keep your timber flooring in good condition, it is important that you seal the wood before and after it has been painted. A timber sealer will help protect the timber from moisture and weathering. The sealer will also provide a smooth surface for walking on which is especially beneficial for high traffic areas such as porches. Once the timber has been sealed it will need to be maintained regularly to prevent damage and encourage a long life for your timber decking.

If you are looking for a new type of material for your patio or deck and are concerned about the environment then consider timber decks. They are sustainable, durable, beautiful, and they can also be refinished and painted. If you are ready to invest in a deck then why not take your pick from one of the many manufacturers that offer timber flooring? Your friends will think you have had professional wood installers do it but really it will be a simple matter of fitting the timber decking to your existing patio or deck.

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