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Install Glass Patio Furniture on Your Patio

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Your glazing on your glass patio furniture on the patio is an important component of your overall patio furniture set. If it’s not in good condition, the glass in your house will begin to show signs of corrosion from the rain, too much heat, and just plain old age. Your glass on patio furniture on the patio may need to be replaced, or you may simply want to give it some tender loving care to make it as lovely and weather-resistant as possible. No matter what your glazing problem is, there are some simple things you can do to make sure it stays looking new. Here are four helpful tips to keep your glass furniture on patio in tip-top shape.

glass furniture on patio

First, check to make sure you have a glass repair kit in your house. There are plenty of places that sell glass repair kits, both at local hardware stores and online. The glass on your glazing should be one of the first things you check, because it’s very easy to see when it’s not properly glazed. An inexpensive glass repair kit will save you time and money, and you can use it time again to clean your glass to ensure it looks as lovely as new.

Next, use the glass repair kit to apply a layer of silicon between the glass and any other substances you may have applied to it. Silicon is a great barrier to moisture, allowing moisture to pass through it before it ever has a chance to get into your glazing. It will also protect your glass from cracking, peeling, or breaking when you get really dirty. Silicon should be reapplied every couple weeks to make sure it works, or you’ll find your glass is too slick to stand out when you have visitors. And, you’ll probably wind up cleaning it a little more than once during the years since you own it.

If you have glass furniture on your patio, consider sealing it using a sealer as well. There are plenty of glass installation kits that you can purchase to seal your glazing, and these are usually fairly inexpensive. The sealer will prevent rain, sleet, snow, sleet, and even hail from making their way into the glass, which can chip, crack, or break it. If you are worried about the high cost of glass furniture, think about it this way: the price of a single replacement window can easily pay for the glass installation costs of years in the future.

The glass installation process doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t have to be messy or hard. All it takes is some sand paper, a razor blade, and a chemical grout cleaner (a water based cleaner is preferred, as it’s non-abrasive and won’t damage the glass over time). And don’t worry; it really isn’t that difficult to do. All you have to do is unscrew the two screws that hold the glass in place, remove the spout, and empty the contents of the container into the bottom of the trash can. You’ll want to make sure that you take the time to wipe down the glass surface with a rag, as it is quite susceptible to the elements.

Then, all you have to do is unscrew the new glass piece, and set it in place. Use the razor blade to shave off the sharp edge, and fill in the seams where it meets the other materials. Seal the glass installation with an epoxy primer, and your glass furniture is ready for use on your patio! If you decide to change the look of your glass furniture down the road by adding cushions or adding other types of glass furniture, you can always purchase the pieces that you want and replace them as they wear out.

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